Spooky Friends!

Happy October!

I am a day early and that is shocking for me and blog posts.  Halloween is one of my students favorite holiday to celebrate.  They started talking about what they want to be for Halloween at the end of August.  So I know they will LOVE all of these craftivities that celebrate all of their favorite Spooky Halloween Friends!

All of the crafts come with templates and a writing prompt.

Students can make their own Frankenstein.

Or they can make a little bat.

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Happy Fall!

My F A V O R I T E season is FALL!  I love all things about fall.  The cooler weather, boots, coffee, football, all the things!  I love celebrating fall with my students and sharing my love for this season with them.  This year i created all the crafts to celebrate fall.

You can choose from four different fall designs, or you can do them all!

My favorite craft because I LOVE sunflowers!

They all turned out so differently but so cute!

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Back to School Postcards

Every year I will send postcards to my future students.  I think it is exciting for them to get mail and it makes them feel special.  I have used postcards that I have found at the teacher stores for the past 6 years, but I wasn’t happy with the design of the postcards and let’s face it, it took forever to write them all out and I am all about saving time.  So I decided to create my own this year.  I posted them on Instagram and they were a huge hit, so I decided to post them on Teachers Pay Teachers for other teachers to use.  I am super proud of how they turned out.  You can find them here! 

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May Summer Come SOON!

Hello teacher friends!

I know that I am a couple of months late with this post, but life happens.  At the end of the year last year, I started created craftivities for my students to add to their memory books.  I love hanging these cute little creations on our ‘Wow Wall’.

Students loved making the cactus and watermelon.

I had my students write about what they are excited about for summer.

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April Showers!

April Showers bring May flowers and summer that much closer! This is such an easy to make craftivities to shower you into April! There are four different crafts that you can choose from, or you can do all four! Each of the crafts comes with fun writing prompt. All you have to do is print them off onto construction paper or Astrobrights and you are ready to go!

Two craftivities to celebrate Easter. Chick in Egg with Bunny Ears: Hip Hop HOORAY! and So HOPPY it’s SPRING!

Easter Egg Decoration: Can you guess my EASTER EGG?

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March into Spring!

Are you tired of winter like I am? Are you ready to March into Spring? This is such an easy to make craftivities to March into Spring! There are four different crafts that you can choose from, or you can do all four! Each of the crafts comes with fun writing prompt. All you have to do is print them off onto construction paper or Astrobrights and you are ready to go!

Two craftivities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and two craftivities to celebrate Dr. Seuss!

Pot of Gold & Leprechaun Feet: I am so LUCKY!

Rainbow & Pot of Gold: If I found a pot of GOLD!

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Spreading the LOVE! TWO

I had soooo much fun making the first Spreading the Love, that I had to make a second edition that was all about LOVEBUGS!  Right now in my 2nd-grade class, we are learning about insects.  One of the main topics is social insects such as bees and ants.  My kiddos loved learning about Bees and the Bee Waggle Dance.  So their excitement inspired me to make a Spreading the Love Bug Edition.

My favorite has to be the Bumble Bee and the Caterpiller.  So stinking cute!

Bumble Bee with the writing prompt: Ways to BEE kind!

Heart Caterpiller and writing prompt: My LOVE is hungry for…

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Spreading the LOVE!

I started thinking about making a Valentine’s Day craftiviy bundle during Christmas when my students were putting together their Spreading Christmas Cheer crativities (that is in my store).  I was so happy with how they turned out and how proud they were to add them to their memory books.  So I just had to make one for Valentine’s Day.   I searched PINTEREST for all the ideas.   I saw so many cute ideas, but it looked like some of those crafts would cost too much and take too much time.  And I wasn’t looking to spend that much time and money on crafts.  I looked and decided to make a product that was cute and easy for any teacher to use in their classroom.  Of course, I just had to make a unicorn craft and writing prompt.

Then I had to make a heart berry!

And a penguin with a warm heart!

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The BFG Novel Unit

One of my favorite novels, when I was a child, was The BFG.  I remember my 3rd-grade teacher reading it to my class and I just fell in love with it!  I was able to listen and close my eyes to let my imagination run wild.  When I became a teacher, I wanted to read this novel to my class.  Every year, I have read this novel to my class and I just love how much they love it when we are finished.  They love the giant and the way he talks and it inspires them to want to read more Roald Dahl novels.  Which is the point right??

This book can be a little difficult for the primary kiddos.  So I was wondering if I would be able to read this story with my 2nd-grade kiddos this year.  But after I realized that I had an extremely high reading group, we decided on reading this novel and completing my Novel Unit to help with their comprehension and understanding of the novel.   And let me tell you this novel unit is a game changer.  It engages them, allows them to be creative, and allows them to really understand the novel.

This novel unit includes:

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