The “Perfect” Classroom vs The Reality

Lately, I have been thinking that I am doing something wrong with my classroom decor and not having the perfect looking classroom.  I see so many posts on Instagram of classrooms that are nothing less than perfect!  It made me look at my classroom and think…am I doing something wrong?  Then, I quickly realized that I share my classroom with 24 children.  It isn’t going to look perfect all the time because hello, learning happens in my room and I have 24 CHILDREN in my classroom on a daily basis.

I know that I have been guilty of taking those “perfect” classroom photos.  I have taken them, staged them, liked them, and shared them. We all have and we will most likely continue.  So this past week, I took pictures of what one of my bulletin boards really looks like and what a “perfect” classroom photo looks like.  It’s just a little snapshot of my not so perfect classroom. I would like to share more of the reality of what a real classroom looks like.  Baby steps!

“Perfect” Classroom Photo

Another “Perfect” Classroom Photo

The reality and I’m not ashamed!

I have taken closeup pictures of my bulletin board to not show the “holes” on my bulletin board.  The holes are these because students have moved in the middle of the year and they have taken their memory books with them.  It happens in teaching every day!  So here is my bulletin board, not all of my students’ memory books fit on the board and there are missing memory books and that is okay!  My students don’t notice and they don’t need it to be perfect all the time.

This is just a reminder to me that teaching is messy and imperfectly perfect.  Teachers need to show all the sides of teaching not just the cute photos.  I promise to try my best to show both sides of my classroom with you!

With lots of love,


Happy Community!

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    laura cripe
    February 2, 2018 at 4:24 am

    I agree, we need more real photos and less pinterest perfect ones. But I don’t want to be the first to do it. LOL. We need to stop comparing ourselves to that perfect photo world.

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