Directed Drawing: LOVEBUG!

I am so excited about this new product adventure that I have started.  My students love when we do directed drawings and I love it too!  My students are so focused and it’s so much fun seeing how different the drawings turn out.  I have seen so many fun directed drawings and thought how fun it would be if there was a purpose with the directed drawings like a writing prompt.  I started with one but plan on making 2 a month! Here is a sample what the directed drawings will be like.  

There are many ways you can incorporate directed drawings into your day.  You can do a whole class lesson or have students complete this page during a centers activity.

A sample of a writing prompt page that students can use.  This page has wider lines for younger kiddos.

The finished product! Directed Drawing: LOVEBUG!

With lots of love,


Happy Community!

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