Spreading Christmas Cheer in the Classroom

So, let’s be honest.  I love Christmas!  No, No!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I honestly love everything about it.  The music, the decorations, the lights, the movies, the food, and spending time with family.  Since my husband and I have been living together, I have been decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier, like almost right after Halloween, if I could have my way.  But my husband makes me wait until Veterans Day weekend to decorate.  It’s all about compromise.  So our house has been decorated for a week now and since I am on Thanksgiving Break, I am now thinking about all things Christmas and wanting to get ready for the holiday with my students.

I have talked about making craftivities before as one of my favorite things to do with my students.  I do think it is so important for students to practice using their scissors and glue.  So why not make cute little crafts to add to our memory books: Spreading-Christmas-Cheer-in-the-Classroom!

This was the first craftivity I have ever made and I made it when I was teaching 3rd grade and have had my students make them ever since.  The first craft that I have them make is Rudolph.  I used to stick to traditional Christmas colors, but last year I went for the bright AstroBright colors.


Before we make our little craft, I read the traditional Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer book.  Then I have students write about their favorite reindeer.  When students are making this craft, we all sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.   My students LOVE it!


I will also have my students make a Christmas tree and then spell out as many words they can with the words CHRISTMAS TREE.  They sure do love that challenge.

I have other craftivities included like the North Pole sign and a Present.



Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

Lots of love!



Happy Community!

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