The Polar Express Book Buddy

Let me just tell you that one of my favorite memories, when I was a student, was when my teacher read The Polar Express.  I loved the illustrations and the magic of the story.  So when the movie came out, I, of course, had to see it.  I saw it actually 2 or 3 times in theaters because I loved it so much.  When I became a teacher, I wanted to make sure that I had this book in my collection to share with my students.  But I wanted the magic to last longer, and The Polar Express Book Buddy was created.

The Polar Express Book Buddy Includes:

-Comprehension Questions (whole class or independently)
-Characteristics of Characters-Little Boy(Chris), Conductor, and Santa
-Cup of Character
-2 Graphic Organizers
-Step-by-Step Directed Drawings
-Writing Page

The last week of school, during our reading group time, I will read the book to my students, and then we will listen to the CD (I know, what’s that?) a few times.  I have my students complete the comprehension questions and choose a character from the book to fill out the character web and then make their Cup of Character.  We then end with a writing prompt and our directed drawing.

All the things included in the book buddy.

I hope you share your favorite books from your childhood with your students.  I sure love sharing mine.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

Lots of Love,


Happy Community!

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