Directed Drawings Throughout the Year!

My students love directed drawings. It’s such a peaceful and calm activity in the classroom and it gives students the opportunity to explore their creative side. Included are different writing and drawing options so that you can make them work for you and your students!

There are 2 drawings for each month, but they can also be switched around and used at any time! Here are the drawings included as well as the title of the writing pages that correlate!

Apple: A round of Apple-ause

Cow: Mooooove Over!

Scarecrow: Silly Scarecrow

Fox: What does the Fox say?

Frankenstein: How do you be a good Franken-Friend?

Spider: Spooky Spider

Acorn: I am NUTTY about Fall!

Turkey: Gobble, Gobble!

Reindeer: I love Reindeer!

Christmas Bear: How to Train a Bear!

Penguin: Waddle into the New Year!

Whale: Whale-come to the New Year!

Bumble Bee: Buzzing for Love

Love Lion: Roar for Love!

Caterpillar: Inching into Spring

Frog: Hop-Hop into Spring!

Bunny: Some-BUNNY-Love

Chick: Cracking up!

Dinosaur: Stomping into Summer!

Stingray: Swimming into Summer!

Turtle: Slow Down Summer!

Crab: I can’t be CRABBY, summer is here!

Snow Cone: Sweet Treats!

Firecracker: I love the 4th of July!

Happy Community!

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