George’s Marvelous Medicine Novel Unit

Are you looking for yet another fun Roald Dahl novel to read to your students that includes silliness, mystery, and magic? Then George’s Marvelous Medicine is the perfect book for you and your students. It is equivalent to a 640 Lexile reading level but can be used for lower grades as well with the teacher’s assistance. This would be a great novel unit for the whole class, or for a reading group.

This novel unit includes:
-15 Comprehension Checks/Quizzes (1 for each chapter) with answer key
-Text to Self Connection: Venn Diagram 
-Predictions Graphic Organizer
-Bubble Map
-Cause and Effect blank
-Cause and Effect with Causes written
-My favorite Part Writing Prompt

-Character Study for George and Grandma
-My Mental Image Page
-Retell Cards

Character Study
Character Study

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