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Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving Crafts and Writing

Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving Crafts and Writing Prompts! Are you super excited to celebrate all things THANKSGIVING? This is such an easy to make craftivities to celebrate Thanksgiving! There are two different crafts that you can choose from, or you can do all! Each of the crafts comes with fun writing prompts. All you have to do is print them off onto construction paper or Astrobrights and you are ready to go!

Turkey: Gobble Gobble (write a story about a turkey) or Describe a TURKEY!

Acorn: My favorite thing about NOVEMBER! or I am nutty about FALL!

I can’t wait to see these cute little crafts in my students memory books!

With lots of love,


Thanksgiving Ideas

Below are some of my favorite Thanksgiving books, writing prompts, and easy and FREE crafts.

Describe a turkey and then draw your turkey.

Favorite picture books.

Read the story Turkey Trouble and then create a retell turkey.

Turkey hats made with using their hands as the feathers.

Turkey math review.

Hope you found these activities fun and helpful!

With lots of love,




Thankful Turkey

Oh, my word!  One thing that I love is celebrating Thanksgiving with my students.  I love all of the turkey’s, fall colors, yummy food, and telling others what we are thankful for and let’s be honest, it is sooo much better than Halloween in my opinion!

For the last 6 years, I have done this Thankful Turkey activity with my class.  I love this activity so much that I make sure that my whole team does it with me.  I make 150 copies of feathers and information sheets each year for all of the 2nd graders at my school.  Before sending the feather home, we brainstorm ideas of what we are thankful for as a class.  Then we send home a turkey feather the day after Halloween and wait for the feathers to come back in and see what our students are thankful for.

I use either construction paper or Astrobright paper. It doesn’t matter the color or type of paper, because the feathers will be decorated and it will be mostly covered up.

Over the years, I have noticed that students are so excited that they go home and use their pencil and write what they are thankful for, but this year  I have told my students this year that I want more creativity.  I know, I know, not all of my students have access to crafting materials at home, but I know that a majority of my students have access to markers, crayons, or colored pencils, even if they have to complete their feather at school, that is perfectly fine.

After the feathers go home, it is time to hang up my giant TURKEY!

This year one of the kindies at my school called it a giant chicken…? I got a giggle out of that.

Now, you sit back and wait for the feathers to come in.  I will start to add them to the turkey right away and then we watch it grow.  You will need a LARGE wall space for your turkey.

After the first couple of feathers come in.

When all of the feathers are returned.  Pro tip: have students put their names on the back of the feather when they first get their feather to send home.  Have them also list your last name as well.  It will help when you are returning the feathers back to 150 students.

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Spooky Friends!

Happy October!

I am a day early and that is shocking for me and blog posts.  Halloween is one of my students favorite holiday to celebrate.  They started talking about what they want to be for Halloween at the end of August.  So I know they will LOVE all of these craftivities that celebrate all of their favorite Spooky Halloween Friends!

All of the crafts come with templates and a writing prompt.

Students can make their own Frankenstein.

Or they can make a little bat.

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Happy Fall!

My F A V O R I T E season is FALL!  I love all things about fall.  The cooler weather, boots, coffee, football, all the things!  I love celebrating fall with my students and sharing my love for this season with them.  This year i created all the crafts to celebrate fall.

You can choose from four different fall designs, or you can do them all!

My favorite craft because I LOVE sunflowers!

They all turned out so differently but so cute!

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Back to School Postcards

Every year I will send postcards to my future students.  I think it is exciting for them to get mail and it makes them feel special.  I have used postcards that I have found at the teacher stores for the past 6 years, but I wasn’t happy with the design of the postcards and let’s face it, it took forever to write them all out and I am all about saving time.  So I decided to create my own this year.  I posted them on Instagram and they were a huge hit, so I decided to post them on Teachers Pay Teachers for other teachers to use.  I am super proud of how they turned out.  You can find them here! 

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May Summer Come SOON!

Hello teacher friends!

I know that I am a couple of months late with this post, but life happens.  At the end of the year last year, I started created craftivities for my students to add to their memory books.  I love hanging these cute little creations on our ‘Wow Wall’.

Students loved making the cactus and watermelon.

I had my students write about what they are excited about for summer.

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Happy Little Teacher Fonts!

I am soooo excited to share that I am making fonts and you can find them in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!  I have completed 2 volumes of fonts…that means there are 15 fonts that I created!  So far I have LOVED using my fonts in my products and my classroom and I know you will too.  It’s a great feeling when I use the products I create, it has given me such pride.  If you are interested in using my beautiful fonts click on the links below!!

Complete Bundle

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