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The BFG Novel Unit

One of my favorite novels, when I was a child, was The BFG.  I remember my 3rd-grade teacher reading it to my class and I just fell in love with it!  I was able to listen and close my eyes to let my imagination run wild.  When I became a teacher, I wanted to read this novel to my class.  Every year, I have read this novel to my class and I just love how much they love it when we are finished.  They love the giant and the way he talks and it inspires them to want to read more Roald Dahl novels.  Which is the point right??

This book can be a little difficult for the primary kiddos.  So I was wondering if I would be able to read this story with my 2nd-grade kiddos this year.  But after I realized that I had an extremely high reading group, we decided on reading this novel and completing my Novel Unit to help with their comprehension and understanding of the novel.   And let me tell you this novel unit is a game changer.  It engages them, allows them to be creative, and allows them to really understand the novel.

This novel unit includes:

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