Happy 2018-2019 School Year!

I can’t believe that we are already two months into the school year and we are a week away from our two week October Break!  I can’t wait to relax and then start 2nd quarter strong. I wanted to share my classroom (that I never posted at the beginning of the year, because hello, it’s the beginning of the year).

I had to take all of the things off of my classroom walls before summer started.  They were painting and replacing the carpets over the summer, so that meant everything had to be cleared out of my room.

Here is what my classroom looked like just freshly painted and with new carpets.

Since they were updating the whole school, it took the whole summer for them to do the updates.  So we were not able to get into our classrooms until a few days before teachers had to report.  I had a lot of work ahead of me.  Luckily I was in my same classroom, I knew where everything goes, and I also wasn’t changing my classroom theme this year.  I spent two 8 hour days to get it all set back up.

The view when you enter my classroom.

My library and rocking chair.  I do a majority of my teaching from my rocking chair because the dock camera is on the desk next to my rocking chair.

On this wall you will find our curriculum image cards/vocabulary cards, student library, targets board, iPad station, teachers library (empty because my books were at home still).

My area. I tried to just use a kidney table for my teacher desk, and I couldn’t do it and ended up switching back to a teachers desk in the middle of the year.  I needed my own space to work.

Counter and supply center.

The reading table, curriculum shelves, and hooks for students backpacks.

Front of the classroom with my students “Wow Wall” display.


Post from Spring 2018:

Welcome to my classroom.  I have had 5 classrooms and my current room is my favorite.  I love the layout, it makes sense in my Type A teacher-brain.  My classroom has been a progress in the making and has gone through many changes, moving will do this to a classroom.  I used to have a ton of owls in my classroom and that was my classroom theme for 3 years.  I still have owls around my room, I just have more colorful items incorporated.  It is a bright and happy place and I love it!

Outside of my classroom door.

The view as you come into my classroom.

Bulletin board on the right wall as you enter my classroom.

The view of my whiteboard. Full of important information.  Banners below the board are in Step into Second Grade Tpt store.  Colorful owls are free in my TpT Store!

My library and CKLA board.  Word problem steps are from Step into Second Grade TpT store.

My Target board and our class social contract.

Our iPad charging area and inspirational quote area.

My teacher desk and bookshelf.

Counter area where students can get extra supplies. Math word kids from Step into Second Grade.

The storage wall and where students hang up their items.

So that is my classroom, I am sure that it’ll change next year. My school is having the classroom walls painted and carpet replaced this summer so….that’ll be fun!




Happy Community!

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